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Why is my new domain not loading or working correctly ?
When you purchase a domain name you then have to set up your DNS settings correctly to point to your web server. You will have to wait for DNS Propagation after you configure your domain name.                                                This can take between 24-48 hours but the website(s) can still be edited in the meantime. If you're not sure then contact our support team

What if I already have a domain name?
You can transfer it to us today or stay with your current registrar.

(Note: If you choose to stay with your provider, you will need to edit your Domain Name Server records with your current provider to point to our domain name servers.)

How does the payment work & do you send payment reminders (if so, when do we send reminders)?

Our Domain reminders are different from web hosting as you can only pay annually. 30 days before your due date you will receive your first reminder, the second reminder is 7 days before your due date then the following 6 days later you will get your last reminder. On the 7th day if payment hasn’t been made the domain name may enter a redemption period (protected period) for up to 30 days but not limited to and can be renewed at the original renewal fee.
(We do not send reminders after the due date, so the domain will be deleted from the register after 90 days and can re-enter the domain pool.)
Fees may be applied for grace period and redemption period and differ for each TLD.
Learn more on domain pricing by clicking here

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